5VT2810 is a 10G PON ONT chip supporting ITU-T, XG-PON, XGS-PON and NG-PON2 Standards

With the industry’s most innovative design, 5VT2810 doesn’t need CPU, DDR or Flash Memory, instead 5VT2810 leverages the external SoC for the Chip Configuration, PLOM/OMCI and counter/status to optimize the total cost of the ONTs. The power consumption of 5VT2810 can be further reduced to a minimum and is most suitable for 10G PON ONT MAC SFP+ application for MDU/MTU, Home Gateway or 5G related applications. In addition, 5VT also provides Turnkey Software Package based on various SoC platforms, which can help our customers for time to market. To minimize end-to-end latency, 5VT2810 can respond to immediate bandwidth request (for e.g. Co-operative DBA) from the OLT to meet sub-1ms latency requirement for 5G application. 5VT2810 supports industry standards for frequency and timing synchronization: ToD of PON, IEEE1588v2, 1PPS and SyncE. Through PON ToD and SyncE, 5VT2810 obtains precision time and frequency from the OLT. Then 5VT2810 utilize IEEE1588v2 and 1PPS capability to disseminate the time and frequency information to the mobile equipment to meet stringent 5G synchronization requirement. By utilizing external controller or CPU to simultaneously control 2x 5VT2810, type-C protection for either 1:1 or 1+1 topology can be easily achieved. Based on 5VT2810 architecture, the external controller or CPU always has full knowledge for both ONT MACs, so switching or swapping between the 2 PON MAC for protection would be much easier to implement. For data center applications, SFP+ ONT MAC with 5VT2810 can achieve lowest power consumption to comply with the SFP+ plug for most white box switches. Along with the bundled software package, the installed based equipment can be easily upgraded to switches with 10G PON connectivity.