Highly Optimized GPON ONT SoC with Dual-Core Process and Soft-DSP for high performance, low cost GPON+VoIP SFU/HGU applications

The 5VT2510 is a low-cost, highly-integrated GPON ONT (Optical Network Terminal) SoC (System-on-Chip) compliant to ITU-T G.984 GPON standards as well as China Telecom E8-C GPON specifications. 5VT2510 SoC is designed to support the GPON SFU (Single Family Unit) and HGU (Home Gateway Unit) devices with small form-factor & Low Power Consumption.
5VT2510 contains a high performance Dual-Core 32Bit Processor running up to 600MHz, NAND/SPI Flash Memory Controller, Multi-port DDR2/3 SDRAM Memory Controller (MDMC), PCI-e Controller, USB2.0 master controller, L2/L3/L4 Gigabit Ethernet Switch with four 10/100/1000Mbps physical layer transceivers, GPON ONT MAC with SerDes/CDR, and numerous other serial and parallel interfaces which collectively provide an optimal SoC solution for GPON SFU and HGU deployments.
The 5VT2510 supports booting from SPI Flash or NAND Flash. The MDMC provides memory access DDR2/3 800 SDRAM. The L2/L3/L4 GE Switch ensures up to wire-speed performance. 5VT2510 has successfully passed Inter-Operability-Tests (IOTs) with most market-leading GPON Optical Line Terminals (OLTs).

Quick time to the market with bundled OMCI software package

The OMCI software module for ONT, which is ITU G.984/988 and BBF TR-156 Compliant, enables GPON equipment vendors to create GPON ONT system products rapidly. With the ease of software architecture and advanced feature set, it allows quick implementation of GPON ONT products to easily interoperate with OLT from different venders.

Highly Flexible Soft-DSP Technology Solution

The bundled 5VT software package also includes market proven Soft-DSP features offering highly flexible, cost effective & carrier-grade VoIP software development. Connected with the TDM (PCM compatible) interface for connection to external SLICs (Subscriber Line Interface Circuits), 5VT2510 offers extensive support for real-time VoIP voice processing.

Selection Guide for 5VT251x Family