Optimal SoC with ARM1136J-S and DSP-Core integrated that can take advantage of high performance and low cost in embedded applications

The 5VT’s 5VT1610 SoC combines a most market-leading ARM1136J-S Processor running up to 700MHz, with an embedded DSP Coprocessor, a Multi-port DRAM Memory Controller (MDMC), both NAND and NOR Flash Memory Controller, a Security Hardware Engine, a High Speed USB 2.0 MASTER/PHY, a PCI Host/Device and a myriad of serial and parallel interfaces together as an optimal SoC solution for embedded devices that requiring high-performance and cost-effective applications.
The 5VT1610 supports booting from either NAND or NOR Flash. The MDMC provides access up to 1GB of 16-bit DDRI/II SDRAM, and access thru 64-bit data bus to the LCD and GMAC Controller. The Mobile Storage Controller provides access to memory card compliant with MMC 4.3 and SD 2.0 (Class-6).
To optimize video/image applications on a single SoC platform, the 5VT1610 SoC integrates a Color LCD Controller which drives a variety of mono and color LCDs with panel resolution support up to 1024×768 at RGB interface.
The USB interface contains dedicated DMA engine, PLL and UTMI compliant transceiver (PHY), which provides supports of high-speed transfer rates (up to 480Mbps) and host mode operations.

Superior Performance pumped up by advanced Multi-layer AMBA2.0 Matrix

The multi-layer AMBA2.0 Matrix provides separate 64-bit AHB buses for connection dedicated with 128KB L2-Cache, GMAC0, GMAC1 and LCD Controller. The Matrix also provides separate 32-bit AHB buses for connection dedicated with all other key AHB masters (DSP-Core, Security Engine, HDMA, USB-MASTER, Mobile Storage, AHB/APB Bridge). This ensures the highest bandwidth throughput and also eliminates the arbitration delays, except when two masters attempt to access the same slave at the same time.

High Solution Flexibility thru integrating SoftDSP and HardDSP technology

The 5VT1610 SoC provides not only an embedded HardDSP coprocessor that running up to 250MHz but also various market proven SoftDSP modules. These two DSP technologies are integrated together as the most flexible and cost effective framework solution to drive up the most comprehensive support to real-time voice processing and multimedia signaling control. It could provide highest flexibility on design to Media Phone, VoIP, Streaming Audio/Video, P2P Home Box, Digital Signage and many other applications required for Telco, SME and SOHO.