Optimal SoC powered by ARM926EJ-S with DSP Extension integrated that enables VoIP flexible to most embedded applications

The 5V Technologies (5VT) 5VT1310/1312/1314 SoC products combine an ARM926EJS processor and the market-leading SoftDSP technology together as an optimal SoC solution to broadband networking as well as VoIP application. Besides to the original optimization for addressing VoIP applications, the powerful and cost effective 5VT131x SoC series is also utilized flexibly for a myriad of CPE networking applications such as Wi-Fi, WiMAX, PLC, Fiber, P2P and other network processor applications.
Indeed, the 5VT131x series is not only widely deployed in a full-range of VoIP applications, such as IP Phone and 1/2/4-port VoIP TA at proved voice quality with many key Telcos and ISPs operated in Asia, Europe and North/South American market space, but also been utilized in mass volume with IEEE 802.11n WLAN AP Routers, high-end VoIP-WLAN Router, WiMAX IAD and home router/gateway with 3.5G/PLC/Fiber connections.

Powerful SoC Solution for most Embedded

The ARM926EJS processor, operating at 300MHz, provides the embedded devices with powerful processing power that required for P2P, networking and SoftDSP support. The dual 10/100 Ethernet MACs go connecting with external PHY or switch for both WAN and multiple-LAN support. The PCI 2.2 Interface could support up to 2 master devices, which are normally equipped with 11b/g/n modules as Wi-Fi AP, WiMAX modules as IAD, PLC module as IAD, 3.5G module as IAD and USB module for versatile peripheral device interface and storage extension. A PCM interface provided support for up to 4 voice ports at either FXS or FXO combination.

Flexible SoftDSP for VoIP Applications

SoftDSP has been proven as the most flexible and cost-effective system framework for real-time voice processing. By further integrating with 5VT SIP turn-key option support, the 5VT131x SoC family provides best voice quality for not only support of legacy VoIP standard but also for advanced features in full-Range of VoIP applications, such as IP-Phone, 1/2/4-port TA and/or VoIP Router deployed with WiMAX, WLAN, 3.5G, PLC and Fiber connections.